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History of Brooklyn Meadows


Brooklyn Meadows has a history dating back to 1994 when the property was simply a large open field with wooded areas. A local gentleman purchased the property and started to create a horse farm for his children. After years of developing the property and training Olympic caliber riders, interest was lost and the property fell upon neglect. Call it luck or call it fate, but Mr. Brady first toured the property in 2011. He dreamed of developing the property into one of the most unique event destinations on the east coast, while still staying true to maintaining an operational horse farm for his beloved daughter Brooklyn. After years of dreaming and planning in the spring of 2018 Brooklyn Meadows came to fruition. The vision to create a destination which offers guests everything they need right on site is no longer a dream. Brooklyn Meadows is the perfect destination for weddings, family reunions, corporate team building getaways, and a place to just pack up the family and head to the beach for a much-needed break.​

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