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Blondie is one of the newest members to the farm.  She is beautiful in color and is very mild mannered.  Be sure to check out her curls while riding by.
Truman A.K.A. Big Red was born to jump.  He is a thoroughbred that loves to jump and enjoys a good workout in the arena.
Gus Gus
Gus Gus, what can we say.  Gus arrived in early fall to his new home at the Meadows.   He is scared of his own shadow and usually will shy away from people.  d.
Chauncy       "The Old Man"
Chauncy, or the Old Man, as everyone calls him, is the most senior of the group.  He is 30  years old and was once a race horse himself.  Just like Doc Hudson, Chauncy has the wisdom to teach these young guns.
Kemba is in training mode awaiting her assignments as to which cart she will be showing off this summer.  Kemba has recently started training to pull a cart again and we have just the perfect setting for a white horse drawn buggy at the Meadows.
General does just what his name stands for.  He is the leader of the team.  He is aligned left front and is more the beauty than the bran. 
Ace is another member of the team.  He is aligned front right and along with General, is there to look good while Rocky and Chance do the real work.
Mr. Love
Mr. Love is what the announcer at the Horse track shouts out as he crosses the finish line in first place.  He is a standard bred race horse with a slight attitude.
Fashion A.K.A. Mama has looked over Mr. Love, Java Love, and is currently in foal awaiting the new member of the Love family.
Java Love.jpg
Java Love
Java Love is the newest member of the Love family.  Java was born in May 2019 and will be circling the tracks at Ocean Downs this upcoming race season.
Percy and Cricket.jpg
Cricket is attached to Percy's hip.  Wherever one goes, the other follows.  Cricket may be the smallest horse on the farm but do not let that fool you.  
Flash has found a new home at Brooklyn Meadows.  When Brooklyn was five, Flash arrived at the Brooklyn Cottage where she stayed until Brooklyn Meadows was purchased.
Rocky is the work horse of the team.  He is the Rock that holds the team together. He lines up  on the left side, and is closest to the buggy.  He does all the pulling while the rest of his friends look good.
Percy and Cricket.jpg
Percy and Cricket are partners in crime.  Where there is one, you will find the other.  If there is loud noise in the barn at night, you can be sure Percy is letting you know he is hungry.
Remi World Champ.jpg
Remi struts his stuff at Brooklyn Meadows after being named WORLD CHAMP!!!  We could not be more proud of Remi's & Daina's achievements in Dressage.  
Chance is Rocky's best friend because he is the other work horse of the team.  Without Chance, Rocky would carry the entire weight of the team.  Chance is the only member of the team that does not have the white marking on his face.
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